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Writers Who Launch: Write Query Letters & Land Assignments Coupon | Free

Write Captivating Query Letters to Skyrocket Your Freelance Writing Career – Free Course

Struggling to land freelance writing assignments, even though you have incredible article ideas? WritersWhoLaunch teaches you how to write compelling and captivating query letters that grab an editor’s attention and gets results. 

Taught by a freelance writer with over 15-years of experience. My work has been published in Global Traveler Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, The Sydney Herald, Amazing Wellness Magazine, The LA Times, The Boston Globe, xoJane, The Huffington Post and numerous other magazine, newspaper and website outlets. 

This course helps aspiring and struggling freelance writers crush their confusion and overwhelm and start pitching with success. This short, fast-paced course gives you a roadmap to writing a successful query letter.

These techniques will absolutely improve your response rate from editors, but requires practice and persistence. Even the most experienced and seasoned freelance writers get rejected. It’s just part of the job! But with the right tools to empower your career, you can start landing paid assignments and see your name in print.

Hope to see you in class!

19th September 2016