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Write your First Computer Program Coupon | Free

From Computer Usage to Your First Computer Program – Free Course

This course is about computer programming, actually achieving to write your first computer program, using Ruby programming language. The target audience includes people who know how to use computers, they are advanced users, but they want to go some steps forward and learn how computer programs are being designed and developed. Pupils, teenagers, students, professionals of various disciplines, adults, elderly people. People who might want to start a career in computer programming.

This is the first big step.

  • Learning some theory behind computer programs
  • Setting up your computer with the necessary tools
  • Write your first computer program
  • The course is composed of a series of video lectures. About 1 hour of video casts. The course will take you about 2 hours to finish.

    Everybody should take this course. Understanding what computer programming is and having some experience with that will train and mature the brain. Will give people knowledge to understand that these machines, called computers, are not something that belongs to another strange difficult-to-understand world. People will understand that computers work with statements that they ask them to execute, with logic and blind obedience. Computers are powerful machines, but it is the people that instruct them what to do. In this course, students will start giving orders to computers and computers will be at students' service. After the course, students will decide to further enhance their computer programming knowledge with more advanced courses, and later on, even further pursue a career in software engineering.

    Note that the programming language that we will use is Ruby which is a very popular and easy to learn programming language.

    23rd August 2016