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What's in a Career: Is That All It Is? Free Coupon | Discount Coupon Code

Learn how to identify if you are just living day to day in a job or if you are pursuing your passion. – Free Course

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to career concepts necessary for students who are struggling with identifying career placement in relation to their interests, abilities, and personality. The target audience is post-secondary students who are trying to decide on a career choice and non-traditional students who have been in a chosen career for years and are considering going back to college or obtaining a training certificate in pursuit of a different profession. It is a basic overview of the meaning of career, what one hopes to derive from a career, and how to recognize being in the wrong career. Several lecture videos and an informational sheet in which students can download to determine whether their career choice is a fit for them are included in this course. This course will also include a quiz at the end so that students can assess their comprehension of the topics covered. This introductory course will take about an hour to complete. If you need guidance to determine if you need to pursue a different line of work this course will be for you.