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What Should I Eat? I'm Pregnant! – 1st Trimester Free Coupon | Discount Coupon Code

A weekly guide on nutrition for pregnant women (Week 1-13) – Free Course

Course Description

Pregnancy can be a time of worry and wonder. Mothers tend to go from week to week wondering about their baby and all the things they cannot see: how big they are, what parts of their body are developing, and if he or she is progressing well. Changes in their own bodies are frequent and strange, from suffering nausea to a host of other symptoms. Most mothers worry that they are doing all they can to help themselves and their babies be healthy and strong. One of the most important ways to accomplish this is through their diet. Certain foods can help (or adversely aggravate) pregnancy symptoms, and other foods can help stimulate positive growth in specific parts of the body for the baby. “What Should I Eat? I'm Pregnant!” is a course designed to teach expecting mothers what is happening in their body during each week of pregnancy and how their diet can help promote the overall health of both themselves and their baby. The course will cover 13 sets covering the first trimester of pregnancy, and will focus on a main ingredient for each week of this trimester. Recipes will be taught by Chef Jonathan Wing, graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and author to the popular online blog “The Unexpected Culinarian,” who will provide instruction on three recipes, each containing the week's focal ingredient.