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Web Development_ Login Page Demo with Asp .net and MySql Free Coupon | Discount Coupon Code

We will develop a login page which can detect the new user or an old user. We will use asp .net with mysql – Free Course

Course Description

In this course we are going to design a login page and then give a functionality of signing in an old user, redirecting a new user to signup page, forgot password option etc. This is fairly complex application. I recommend only those students to take this course who have a little bit knowledge about asp .net and mysql. However, don't worry, you can always enroll in the other courses I have offered on udemy to get started.

This is how we move through the course:

  • 1. We design the login page
  • 2. We add the sign in functionality
  • 3. We store the new users into the database
  • 4. Give users the forgot password option
  • You should enroll in this course if you want a quick way to connect mysql with your asp .net application.