Speed Math In Your Head
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Speed Math In Your Head

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Become a Math Genius in One Day!

Course Description

Math Genius In 1 Day! 8 Easy Steps (also called Speed Math In Your Head) will teach you to mentally calculate numbers with lightening speed, put you at ease with math and numbers, sharpen your memory, strengthen your focus and concentration, and boost your self-confidence.

Never been good at math? With just eight simple tools you will learn that math is not so difficult after all, and that it can actually be fun. You will be shocked by how fast you will be able to calculate large numbers in your head!

Having trouble focusing or concentrating on your studies or work, or even on simple day-to-day tasks? Math Genius In 1 Day! will help change this, because practicing the Speed Math Tools on a daily basis trains your brain to focus carefully and simultaneously on multiple tasks.

Has your memory been slipping a bit lately? Math Genius In 1 Day! will train your brain to hold in your short-term memory many more objects than the famous “seven +/- two that experts agree the average person can hold at one time.

Math Genius In 1 Day! consists of fourteen brief lectures that outline the steps needed to learn the 8 basic Speed Math Tools. Each lecture includes many examples, slowly and carefully explained, step-by-step, by the instructor. Short quizzes follow each lecture, so that you will feel confident that you have a good understanding of the material. Additional practice problems are also included after each lecture, to allow you to practice on your own. An optional Speed Math training platform is also offered, which times and records your daily Speed Math training sessions, measures your progress, and keeps an ongoing, printable history.

In just a few short hours, you will be amazed at your personal development in the areas of math, memory, concentration, and self-confidence.