SAP MM Training – Part 3
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SAP MM Training – Part 3

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Procuring Non-Stock Materials and Services

Course Description

This is the third part of an example-based, hands-on training series in SAP MM. The goal of this course is to just teach you 2 things – Procure Non-Stock Materials and Services

If you are looking to become an SAP MM Functional consultant or an end-user (ignore the Enterprise structure section) in SAP MM, this course will teach you the baby steps you need to take before you become one. 

Think of this as a course that teaches you procuring non-stock materials and services in PLAIN ENGLISH.

What is this course about ?

SAP MM is a very vast subject. It takes at least 30 to 40 hours of learning. It can be very tedious to do all of this in one course. Instead this course  just tries to focus on just 2 topics – Procuring non-stock materials and services. 

What will you learn at the end of the course ?

Typical procurement involves procuring materials for stock. However, these are not the only materials that are procured. Non-stock materials are materials that are neither tracked from a stocking perspective or from a valuation perspective. Examples are stationery and other office supplies. 

Services can also be procured. However, the goods receipt and invoice receipt are different from procuring physical materials. 

This course examines how procuring non-stock materials and services are different from the standard procurement process. Through the process, we examine different aspects in the procurement process like the stocking, valuation, cost centers, splitting budgets etc that make the procuring these different from the standard. 

How long will this course take to complete ?

This course is designed to be a short but gentle introduction to procuring non-stock materials and services. Since this course is designed from a fresher’s perspective, if you are already an SAP functional consultant ( in other areas of SAP ), then the pace of this course might be a bit slow. 

Who can take this course ?

There are 5 kinds of folks who could be taking this course. 

1. End users of SAP who want to learn SAP MM Transactions

2. SAP Functional consultants in other modules ( eg., SD, CRM, FICO ) who want to understand the P2P cycle because of cross-functional customisation or integration issues.

3. Freshers who want to get into SAP functional modules.

4. Warehouse managers, procurement managers or other folks who want to into IT as a functional consultant. 

5. ABAPers who want to move into functional modules.