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Stop Mental And Emotional Madness! Go From Chaos To Confidence Through The Ancient Wisdom Method Called – Self-Inquiry. – Free Course


Discover the gifts of your Ancient Wisdom Inheritance passed down through the ages, for attaining peace of mind, and finding relief from the uncontrollability and unpredictability of our everyday life.

After teaching over 4,000 classes, seminars and workshops – to tens of thousands of students from 26 countries – Jeniji has proven that anyone can utilize this time‑tested process of Self‑Inquiry as a shortcut to greater stability and growth, and to minimize the mistakes we make by trial and error.

I teach this course in my live workshops. Here is feedback from a participant: 

Jeniji showed me the difference between Mind-Made constructions and Reality, between the Short-Path and Long-Path teachings, and taught me how to detach from my suffering that was created by continuing to identify with the Mind and Body. His course also helped me to dismantle false spiritual teachings that in the end were just a waste of time.
– Matthew Douglas, NM 


By taking this course, you will unlock your true potential for stability, freedom and fulfillment during this lifetime. Without this knowledge we live by trial and error, meaning that life is hard – and the most important areas of our life suffer as part of the learning curve.

Modern Science confirms the Ancient Formula of the connection between Thought – Emotion – and Behavior/Outcome ( T‑E‑B/O ). This course will show you how to listen to your Innate Wisdom, so that you can free yourself of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior that lead to negative outcomes.

By taking this course, you too can choose your own state of mind and destiny – by utilizing the Ancient Wisdom that it contains.

Why wait another day?

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Stop dwelling on distracting thoughts to increase concentration and focus
  • Take back your life, by shifting your focus away from chaos, to inner stability
  • Understand how you can choose to act only on Thoughts that move you forward
  • Recognize the Innate Wisdom you already have for making better choices
  • Discover your Authentic Self and the freedom to feel emotionally whole
  • Get a good night’s sleep and finally feel rested by quieting the chatter in your mind
  • Students who take this course do so, because they want more Life in their Lives… as this course helps them obtain the tools to meet life’s challenges with excitement and courage.

    Nobody wants a life – worried that we lack the confidence, or the tools – to accomplish our goals… or to fulfill our hopes and dreams in this lifetime. Our life is not predetermined by old events, as in each moment – we are given a new opportunity to create a new perspective.

    This course is specifically designed to expand your awareness through the direct experience of your full potential, allowing you to live a powerful and authentic life – fearless, not fearful – a life reflecting the Joy that is you.

    These lessons provide to you the Ancient Wisdom method of Self-Inquiry to shift your focus away from chaos, to the gift of greater stability and happiness in your life. You have thousands of years of wisdom and knowledge available to you. This course represents one of the most important lessons contained within your Ancient Wisdom Inheritance, and is the foundation necessary to begin the process of understanding the totality that is available to you.

    This course will help you undo the physical and mental roadblocks that are keeping you from living an authentic fulfilling life. It is only when we can authentically express ourselves, by living the path that leads to our success and happiness – do we ever feel free.

    We look forward to you joining the community of students, who have gained not only the life‑changing insights and knowledge that is contained in this course, but most importantly – that they did so at an accelerated pace – by applying the tips and shortcuts that are utilized in the time‑tested process of Self‑Inquiry.

    If you are tired of making mistakes by attending the School of Hard Knocks, utilizing the never‑ending method of trial and error, then you have now found the right path for you!

    This course is the relief you’ve been looking for…

    Fast-Track Your Life By Enrolling Today!

    21st October 2016