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R Courses : Intro to R Programming 101 Free Coupon | Discount Coupon Code

Learn basics of R Programming in a way it meant to be learnt! – Free Course

Course Description

Learn the basics of R Programming by following along with me or relax, sit back and watch!

There are lots of introductory R courses in the market. but, R was never taught in a way to address the steep learning curve and R enthusiasts often get overwhelmed. This course is totally different than others as it focuses on getting you up and running with R rather than getting too deep into concepts in R.

This course is truly step-by-step101 course to introduce you to R. In every section, l have carefully crafted and organized lessons.

After every lesson, you will learn a new valuable concept that will help you understand R better.

In summary, this course has been designed for beginner level R enthusiasts. You will be successful in this course even if you don’t have statistical or programming educational background! So, Let’s begin and see you inside the course 🙂