Intro To JavaScript: For Marketing and Business Types
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Intro To JavaScript: For Marketing and Business Types

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Become a software developer for a day. Develop a Pong Game (from scratch) with JavaScript.

Course Description

I ran a workshop called "Intro To JavaScript". In that work-shop we used visually interactive programming to build a pong game. The really fascinating part was the crowd that showed up to learn, from scratch, how to program. I had lawyers, marketers, business owners and managers who worked with programmers. They all wanted to unravel the mystery of programmers, by becoming one for a day. By signing up today, you get the same fun experience they did at the pace that interests you. This is a short course that allows you to become a programmer for a day, or it can act as the start of your programming journey.


Javascript is the world's most ubiquitous programming language. It is used in every single browser ( Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and powers Gmail, Facebook, Chrome Apps and so many other technologies. The future is not JavaScripts alone, but it will remain a key player in programming for the foreseeable future.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use Khan Academys interactive programming interface
  • What different programming "things" mean, like functions and variables
  • How to create a game using code
  • How to share your game with class mates and friends
  • What You'll Do

    With the help of Khan Acadamy, I guide you through 4 (or 6 if you take on the optional ones) stages of program development. Our end goal is a fully functional pong-like game.

    What You Get

  • Step-By-Step PDF Guide152 slides in PDF containing all the course content, downloadable and yours to keep forever
  • Video TutorialsOver one hour of video tutorials that follow the same curriculum
  • Classmate and Instructor InteractionA gallery to show case your program on the web, discussion forums and more.
  • Lifetime AccessLifetime access to the course including upgrades & improvements to content.

    This class was developed by Alex Pineda

    I want to make sure to thank Kevin Browne of Software Hamilton for inviting me to deliver a workshop back in January of 2013. Without you and your community powering, this class would never have come to fruition. At some point I thought to myself, we hit an interesting market, people are having fun, so why not deliver this in an online format? Well here it is!

    Another quick shout out to AJ Bovaird of Murdock Solutions. He was one of the volunteers at the workshop and he was at my mother's side (yes she came to my workshop!) the whole time. She had just recently come from some carpal tunnel surgery and was still able to participate. Thanks AJ!