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Personal Change Management Strategies for Managing Transition without Falling into a Pit of Despair

Course Description

The only constant in life is change. When we lose or leave our jobs, a relationship ends, our health suffers, or other major life change occurs, we often enter a period of darkness and pain. In times of transition, we are like hermit crabs: having kicked off our shells that are too small, now taking those vulnerable steps toward a new home that is ultimately bigger and better for us. This seminar will inspire you to take the leap toward that bigger shell and to maintain faith and focus until you get there.


  • Laurie presents key tips and strategies to effectively navigate the eight stages of transition.
  • NOTE: This seminar is the 2nd of 6 in Laurie Gardner's Courageous U series, "Big Shell or Bust: Making and Managing Change." Enroll in each seminar separately or enjoy the whole series.

    Also note that this seminar was originally offered as a live teleseminar. Udemy participants who have questions should type them on Udemy rather than following the instructions for phone Q & A.

    What people are saying about "Now What?":

    “Laurie’s seminars are clear, fluid, positive, and authentic. Thank you!”   – Michelle C., Boston, MA

    “Laurie’s enthusiasm and insights make it all seem possible!”   – Shelley H., Mill Valley, CA