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Space Blaster Revisited – Adding Eye Candy and More! – Free Course

Course Description

This course picks up where our beginner-level Stencyl course left off; it clearly shows the refining and polishing process that can turn a simple game idea into something even more engaging and exciting! In it we discuss higher-level techniques that showcase even more of the powerful features at your disposal in the Stencyl package.

Learn new skills whilst enhancing the Space Blaster game from our original Stencyl course:

  • Make meaningful and rapid enhancements
  • Self-contained; all assets supplied – including the unmodified Space Blaster game
  • Discover the power of actor attributes and custom events
  • An intermediate-level course that can be studied separately or as a follow-on

    This course is designed to partner our ‘Build Your First Game in a Day with Stencyl’ course, but it can be studied in its own right too if you already have a working knowledge of Stencyl. Everything else you will need is supplied in the extensive assets included with this course; these include new animations, sound effects and music, in addition to the unmodified Space Blaster game as built with that earlier course.

    Contents and Overview

    The lessons in the course are comprised entirely of narrated screen-captured video; your instructor clearly explains what he is doing and why, and you will see the majority of the steps being performed in the actual Stencyl package, although you will be required to perform some of the steps yourself from brief instructions.

    By working in tandem with the video content, you too can create the game in the title using the supplied assets. And at the same time, you’ll be getting more familiar with a powerful program and will gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to work on your own ideas when you are finished.

    The course comprises approximately two hours of video, and all assets used in the production of the game as a download, in addition to a completed version of the game should you encounter difficulty.