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A Complete Course on How to Teach Yourself the Fundamental Marketing Skills – Free Course

Course Description

Marketing focuses on attracting customers, getting them to buy, and making sure they’re happy enough with their purchases that they come back for more. What could be more important?

Marketing is part science, part art, and it can be challenging to bottle up both parts into a winning campaign. Your business (or nonprofit or service agency) needs to do a lot, including Great communications, clear strategies, and tight planning pave the way to success, along with creative implementation.

True, being a successful marketer requires careful planning and creative strategies but it also requires a solid, focused marketing program (the coordinated activities that produce profitable sales growth and build your brand reputation). Growth and success are the basic goals of any marketing program, and a well-designed marketing program produces a reliable flow of orders and ensures that marketing spending generates a profitable return.

This course offers you the insight you need to build your foundational marketing tools: your program, your strategy, your plan and Much More.