Build Your First Mobile Game in a Day with Construct2
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Build Your First Mobile Game in a Day with Construct2

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Learn Rapid Game Development – All Assets Supplied – Game Runs on PC, iOS, Android etc

Course Description

Putting together even a simple game or prototype idea used to be a daunting task if you lacked programming expertise. Now anyone with just an interest in games and a technical competency can put together a professional-looking game with one of the best free (2D) game-making tools available today. Many tutorials on these types of tools are abstract and just look at specific features – with this course we’ll build a complete (and cool!) game together

A Step-by-Step, Practical Video Walkthrough Anyone Can Follow

Recreate a fully-working arcade classic with Construct 2

  • Learn Key Concepts Through ‘Doing’
  • Build a Working Game in around a day
  • Play your game on PCs and mobile devices
  • Share it with friends via a link
  • From first principles to finished game, our videos will introduce you to this powerful tool and allow you to develop a working ‘arcade’ game you can share online!

    Contents and Overview

    The lessons in the course are comprised entirely of narrated screen-captured video; my name is Steve Beverley and I’m your instructor for this course. I have over thirty years professional game development experience and I clearly explain what I am doing and why, and you will see the actual steps being performed in the Construct 2 package to avoid any confusion. By working in tandem with the video content, you too can build a professional, fully-functional game using the supplied assets. And at the same time, you’ll be getting familiar with a powerful program and will gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to work on your own ideas when you are finished.

    The course comprises approximately five hours of video tutorials, download instructions for the Construct 2 package, and all assets used in the production of the game as a download. 

    I designed this course especially for beginners to show that anyone can achieve a professional result, even if they lack programming knowledge and have never built a game before! With the confidence and skills you’ll gain, you too will be creating games like this from scratch!