Learn Ruby – By Building a Real World Application
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Learn Ruby – By Building a Real World Application

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Take another approach and learn how to code by building a real world application, rather than going over just syntax.

Course Description

In this course, il teach you how to program in Ruby. Rather than use the approach of other teachers, who look into teaching just syntax. We will learn topics while building a real world application. For example, its really easy to learn about Ruby if statements, but how would you apply this technique to a real world situation? 

We will dive right into building the application and learn basic ruby topics and improve our application, by learning the more advance topics in Ruby. We will build a program for teachers, where we will store data about the students, name, grades etc. We will write this data to an external data source, read from it, and edit each record as required. We will then look into how we could take an OOP approach to our application and transform it into something that could be used in a real world scenario. Here are a few thing we will look at solving:

  • Saving Data
  • Reading Data
  • Editing Data
  • Creating Students
  • Associating Students and their records
  • An Object Oriented Approach to application
  • Ruby Hashes
  • Working with MySQL module
  • Core Ruby
  • And much more!
  • If your a beginner or you know a little Ruby but don’t now where to go, this is the best way to learn. By building.