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IoT & Industry 4.0: Digitizing the supply chain Coupon | Free

Case example on how to digitize a manufacturing supply chain with applied Internet of Things/Industrie 4.0 in production – Free Course

This course provides an introduction about Industrie 4.0 also called the Industrial Internet of Things using a real-life case example.

The introduction of a “mass customization” production system in a manufacturing company is used as case example about how to transform a company from operating “craftsmanship” focussed towards an industrial setup.

At the end of this course you will have acquired the following capabilities:

  • You will understand the core principles of Industrie 4.0
  • You will be and will be able to explain core principles to others
  • You will know an example for the process and architecture of a supply chain digitization
  • You will be ready to start a discussion how to apply this in your work environment
  • This course is structured in the following way:

  • We start this course by introducing the case example of FRABA Posital, the company that successfully transformed their supply chain.
  • This is followed by an introduction of the key concepts of Industrie 4.0 / Industrial IoT.
  • This newly acquired knowledge is then applied to the FRABA Postial case to explain how it can be used in a real life example.
  • No specific pre-knowledge is required to take this course. A basic understanding of industry & business terminology is helpful.

    Completing this course will take you approx. 1.5-2h

    We work with professional speakers that we hire in order to guarantee you a best in class learning experience

    19th July 2016