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How to Get Better Results in Swing Trading? Free Coupon | Discount Coupon Code

Learn the concept that change your mindset and the way you see your trades. – Free Course

Course Description

This course is about a genuine concept about how to get better results in swing trading. This course is not about how to choose stocks. It deals with a way to see the big picture. To make sure you understand the course I will give you an concrete example.

All traders have learnt online from books that the ratio of winners vs losers in terms of trades matter and it is what the traders think it is appropriate to get better results for sure. They say for example making a 70% winners and 30 losers is a good thing and it is a sure thing for a better performance..

The thing is this ratio is false by itself. The proof is that I can make the opposite 30% winners and 70% losers and I sill get better results and profits by the end of the year. So the main idea is that this ratio has nothing to do with results or performance.

Thus I will propose to you another concept that it is more real and is more effective than the ration of winners vs the losers.

Enrolling in this course will open all the doors to success and better results from stocks.