Geriatric Massage Fundamentals
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Geriatric Massage Fundamentals
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Give From Your Heart, Not From Your Hands

Course Description

As Baby Boomers age, they are changing the way we look at retirement and growing older. When you become trained by the Bright Heart Healing Institute, you will learn the importance of this very large population and how they are impacting the massage therapy field. You will also gain understanding about the physical and mental changes that occur with aging, then learn how to properly adjust your techniques for frail and robust seniors.  

The online course, Geriatric Massage Fundamentals will help you better understand the elderly population and some of the emotional impacts life brings their way. Through informative videos of seated and table massage, you learn how to adjust your technique and gain confidence to start working worth this underserved demographic. 

So many of our elders are left alone and many feel very isolated. Geriatric Massage helps senior citizens connect with other people by fighting feelings of isolation, restlessness, and uselessness that many elderly suffer from. Part of being a good massage therapist includes developing a strong emotional and physical connection that clients respond to. Learn how you can help, connect and impact this untouched population.