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Caribbean Health and Family Life Education Free Coupon | Discount Coupon Code

Teacher training program to provide the Caribbean community with standardized materials for in-country training – Free Course

Course Description

This online course on Health Family Life and Education is a teacher-training program to provide the Caribbean Community with standardized teaching materials for in-country teacher training. It is based on a Regional Coordinator’s Training Manual.

The course can be delivered to teachers by a facilitator/coordinator over a period of 20 days.The sessions are designed to increase teachers’ knowledge and skills for implementing life skills education, and, specifically, lessons in the Health Curriculum.

The materials, resources and teaching methods for trainers provide strategies for establishing a respectful classroom atmosphere when teaching life skills.

This includes lesson plans for the four themes in HFLE Common Curriculum: Self and interpersonal relationships, sexuality and sexual health, appropriate eating and fitness, and managing the environment.

Each section is designed to support coordinators in teaching teachers to teach the HFLE curriculum. It provides exercises and activities to be followed according to a timed schedule.