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Understanding the Big Picture – Free Course

Course Description

Understanding the Big Picture: A Parent’s Guide to Special Education is a course designed to give background knowledge and understanding regarding how a student may go from the pre-referral process, to having an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in the United States special education system. This is a beginning course, that is a stepping stone to understanding more complex topics that relate to special education. The goal of the course is to equip parents or teachers with special education language, as well as the knowledge of the steps that are involved in getting qualified for special education in the U.S..

Within this course the following topics are discussed; pre-referral process, response to intervention (RTI) the referral process, categories under which students can qualify for an IEP, parent rights once a child has an IEP, services that may be offered, as well as the definition of accommodations and modifications. These topics are critical to understand, especially if there is a child who is struggling academically, and/or behaviorally in school. This course touches on each of these topics briefly, across a 30 minute, session, equipping learners with a basic overview of knowledge to move forward with their learning. Beginning terminology is discussed and defined, as the learners are assumed to be novel in this process. More in depth, complex topics are covered later in the Allies and Advocates series to continue education, or for more advanced learners.

As parents are their children’s best advocates, we encourage learners to begin with this course, and continue through the Allies and Advocates series in order to build a foundational knowledge of how to support your child, as well as how to empower yourself and become a meaningful, full-participant in your child’s schooling and the IEP process.