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7 Tricks To Instantly Book More Photography Clients Free Coupon | Discount Coupon Code

Learn how to use persuasion triggers to book more clients and grow your photography business – Free Course

Course Description

Are you struggling to get photography clients?

Do people seem interested in your services but don’t seem to be booking?

I know how you feel, I’ve been there.

Leads would come in the door but they would end up telling me I was too expensive or they’d think about it.

Then I learned about 7 persuasion principles that completely changed my life and business.

My name is Ben Hartley and I want to teach you how to grow your photography business using persuasion triggers.

Why am I qualified to teach this course?

  • I built photography business from zero to 400k/yr
  • My work has been featured on CreativeLive, The Today Show, and The Huffington Post
  • Voted #1 wedding photographer in Ohio by the Fearless Photographers organization
  • These 7 psychological tricks can be applied to ANY photography business to INCREASE your bookings and revenue.

    This course is broken down into 7 videos, with each video following the same structure.

    First we’ll define the persuasion trigger each video is about.

    Next I’ll provide an example of this trigger outside of the photography industry.

    Then I’ll give an example of how I implemented that persuasion trigger within my own wedding photography business to book more clients and increase my revenue.