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7 Steps to Save $100 from Next Paycheck & Payoff Credit Card Coupon | Free

With Mint App – Free Course

1)Save $100 from your Next Paycheck

2)Automate your Monthly Expense

3)Avoid Overdrafting you Debit or Credit Card Account

4)Avoid Running out of Money Next Month

5)Payoff Low Balance Credit Card

Goal: 7 Steps to Save $100 from your Next Paycheck and Payoff your Credit Card Debt

Step 1 Create A Budget

Step 2 Set 3 Major Deadlines and 3 Debit Card Account for Next Month

Step 3 First Deadline: Day 2

 A) Budget Allocation

Step 4 Second Deadline: Day 7

 A) Automatic Payment for Fixed Monthly Budget Expense

 B-1) Automatic Payment for Non-Fixed Monthly Budget Expense at 100% (Normal)

 B-2) Automatic Payment for Non-Fixed Monthly Budget Expense with $100 Savings -(total budget-$100)/(total budget)= -%

Step 5) Third Deadline

 A) Rent Allocation

 B) Leftover Allocation

 C) $100 Savings Allocation

 D) Payoff Low Debt Credit Cards

 E) Next Budget Allocation Evaluation

Step 6) 5 Minutes Everyday Skim Thru Mint App

Step 7) Repeats Step 3-6 for next month

20th July 2016