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220 Youth Leadership's Online Achievement Program Coupon | Free

Help them go from unmotivated and underperforming to excelling in school, leading peers, and communicating effectively. – Free Course

220 Youth Leadership’s Online Achievement Program is the answer to helping your student get intrinsically motivated to perform in school and develop the life skills to maximize their potential.

Through five modules, students learn our five-step achievement process through interactive videos, our Achievement Tools, and live virtual office hours with our co-founders.

Each video is between 10-20 minutes, but should take about 60 minutes to complete each module. The videos will ask students to pause in order to fill out the tools that go along with each video.

Each student walks away with:

  • Their personalized definition of success to spark intrinsic motivation
  • 220 Goals related to academic achievement, leadership development, and communication skills
  • The 220 Tools Suite, which includes the Personal Success, Goals, Action Plan, and Vision Board worksheets
  • A new sense of confidence, purpose, determination, and ownership over their performance inside and outside of the classroom
  • Help your student take ownership of their school work, leadership development, and communication skills by enrolling them in our program today!

    I like how the program talked about celebrities, then went back to when they were young, and connected to dots to show them now and how they’re successful.

    I really enjoyed breaking my goal down into milestones so that they seem easier to achieve. I also love the vision board as motivation.
    – 220 Online Program Students

    24th July 2016